Great PowerPoint presentations on Citrix Technologies from Barcelona 2012

For those who are not aware, Citrix has two Synergy events every year, one in the US and one in Europe. This year Citrix Synergy in Europe was presented in Barcelona, Spain. If you want to catch up on some great PowerPoint presentations made at the Barcelona event, check this CTX article that has a reference of some videos and PPT files presented there:

TechEdge Barcelona 2012 PowerPoint and Video Presentations – Reference List

… and here some of the links for the PPT extracted from the above article:
NOTE: The Power Point presentations should be available, however some of the links contain videos that may require you to login to your MyCitrix account. You can create an account for free. Depending on the level of agreement your company has with Citrix, you might be able to view the full video as well

TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – Understanding and Troubleshooting ICA Session Initialization and Citrix Hooking Architecture
(Takeaway: “API Hooking is a mechanism that allows modifying another process’s address space”)

TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – Implementing and Troubleshooting StoreFront and Receiver for Windows

TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – XenDesktop Advanced Troubleshooting

TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – Implementing and Troubleshooting EdgeSight

TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – Planning, Implementing and Troubleshooting Provisioning Services 6.x
TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – Troubleshooting Tools: How to Isolate and Resolve Issues in your XenApp and XenDesktop Environment More Rapidly
TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – How your Business can Benefit from Exciting New Features in XenServer 6.1

TechEdge Barcelona 2012 – How Your Business Can Benefit from Exciting New Features in VDI-in-a-Box v5.1

NOTE: You may want to check Citrix TV and see if they posted the video on the site.


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