In case you missed – 14 Google search hacks

What Google is doing with searching is really scary. It makes us so dependent on it; it is not even funny!

But, I will believe in their motto “Don’t be evil” and share this. I just found a good article on 13 hacks available for Google; With the exception of “translate” and “site”; the other tips are either new for me or I have never used . First the 14th hack which is not part of the list in the article and I find it very useful . This one helps if you know the public company Ticker symbol

14. PBCT

=> Ticket symbol for stock quote => it will give the stock quote of the company

13. set timer for 5 minutes

=> Type in “set timer for” followed by a number of minutes, or a specific hour you’d like an alert, and Google will graciously comply with an obnoxious beeping once the moment has arrived. Just make sure the volume’s on.

12.  I always * you

=> wildcard => Sometimes a memory lapse leaves you searching for the right word. Instead of guessing, put an asterisk in the vacant spot and have the search engine figure it out for y

11. ~hack Google search    (tilde sign in front of the terms)

=> similar to => To encompass a wider definition than you’re currently searching for, add a “~” in front of the word and Google will pull up results from similar terms as well.

10. united flight 1281

=> Flight Times => Instead of slogging through your airline’s website, just type in your flight number and get an easy look at all the important stuff: flight status, times, terminal, and gate.

9. syria

=> Search a WebSite => For a search you want specifically from a certain site, just type your term and then “site:” with the desired outlet.

8. new york mayor -bloomberg

=> Exclude Words => Sometimes, especially after a big news event, what you’re really looking for gets buried. To unearth what you need put a minus sign in front of any terms you want excluded from your search.

7. 3 meters in feet

=> Convert Units => Skip doing math in your head and punch in the units you want to convert. Like, “10 euros to dollars,” or, “3 meters to feet.”

6. new | york | city

=> Either/Or => Divide terms with the word “or” or use the “|” key to make your search more fruitful if you’re not looking for something specific.

5. best single 2011..2012

=> Search a Date Range => This one’s a little touch and go, but entering two dots (“..”) between years will confine your search to that date range.

4. translate good morning portuguese

=> Translate => For an easy toggle between languages, Google has one of the best translators around. Type in “translate” along with your desired phrase and language to get the translation and phonetic guideline right in front of you.

3. what time is in Salvador

=> Global Timepiece > Just like Siri, Google responds well to questions. Ask “What time is it” in whatever city spikes your curiosity

2. sounds like bob dylan

=> Find New Content – using “reminds me of” and “sounds like” => For better or worse, the Internet is a hotbed of professional and amateur reviewers. On the prowl for a new artist or book? Punch in“reminds me of” or “sounds like” and include a favorite of yours to get some new suggestions.

1. 998877665544332

=> Track Packages => Because sometimes finding the number tracking line on UPS is too much effort, just copy and paste your package number into Google’s search and it’ll take you straight there.


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