Printer Redirection in an ICA session

Printer redirection refers to the ability of workstation and laptops. which have a USB printer attached to, to use these printers inside of an ICA session

By default, Printer Redirection is enabled in XenApp environments. One of the biggest mistakes Citrix administrators make is to enable several printer policies which, by default, are already enabled or allowed. Printer redirection is one of these policies that doesn’t need to be enabled. Why this matters?

Each policy that is enabled gets processed when the server starts (computer policy) or when the user logs on (User policy)

With the exception of Citrix UPS (Universal Print Server) all printer policies are User policies, so when you enable multiple printer policies, every time an user logs on, those printer policies are evaluated and processed, delaying the log on process by a few seconds or milliseconds depending on the number of policies to be evaluated by the Group policy engine. That is why is important to keep those Printer policies to a bare minimum, so you don’t make the user to wait any longer than the time he is already waits for the session to open. 

In fact this is true for most Citrix Policies. When you see a huge list of policies is either because you have a huge and complex environment or because the Citrix Admin or Consultant who setup the farm did not know exactly how to optimize the user logon or just wanted to impress the client (in a case of a consultant). When it comes to Citrix policies, less is better, so you the KISS method (Keep it simple, stupid)

coming back to the printer redirection topic, if you did not disbale the printer redirection policy it should list the local USB printer to show up in ICA session, if the policy is not disabled and the printer doesn’t show up, this is most likely related to a driver mismatch, so you need to make sure that the driver installed on the workstation or laptop is also installed on the XenApp server; Most likely if a driver mismatch occurs the Server will log an event in the Application event viewer log; Look for any event id between 1105 to 1120 it should contain the reason why the printer was not redirected


I hope this helps. 

Good luck!



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