Some Powershell commands (or cmdlets)- Part 2


Posh stands for PowerShell

The keywords are preceded by the “-” (dash) sign, followed by a respective string

ex: -Logname Application

-After 07/10/2014

-Before -07/01/2014

-Source ESENT

Using Capital letters for the first letter is more elegant but not necessary

The numbers provided here refer to my research on a Windows 8 workstation

You can use command line (CLI) commands in Posh


Event Viewer Logs commands:

Get-Help Get-Eventlog

Get-Eventlog  -Logname Application -Before 07/10/2014 -Source ESENT -newest 15

Get-Eventlog -Logname Application -After 07/01/2014 -Source ESENT -Newest 1 -Computername HPW8

Get-verb (provides a list of all existing verbs in Posh; as of this writing There are 99 verbs; Get is one of them, so is Ping, Trace, Test, etc.)

Get-Command -Verb Get   (There are at least 197 Get commands on a Windows 8 machine)

Get-Help Get-Process -Examples (lists the correct syntax for the command and the aliases already  available that can be used for the command; e.g. Get-Process has 2 aliases: “gps” and “ps” therefore the 3 Posh cmdlets below they all accomplish the same:

  • Get-Process  (command)
  • gps                 (alias of Get-Process)
  • ps                   (alias of Get-Process)

You can explicitly check one process:

ps explorer

Storing cmdlets results on a variable:

$a = get-process  (This  command gets all the processes on the computer and then stores them in the $a variable – source:

get-process -inputobject $a | format-table -view priority (The second command uses the InputObject parameter to pass the process objects that are stored in the $a variable to the Get-Process cmdlet)



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