Some Powershell commands or cmdlets Part 9 – Using Outfile to save a file in ASCII and other non Unicode format

Using Outfile to write information as a different file format

In Posh the ouput is written in Unicode.
However there are some files and applications that require output in ASCII format file.
To make sure you save a file in ASCII format (or other format than Unicode) use the cmdlet “out-file”
out-file requires -FilePath instead of -Path as an argument. Here is an example:
Get-Event -LogName application -Newest 3 | Out-File -FilePath C:\posh\event1.tst -encoding ascii
to verify if the command finished successfuly, you type


if worked fine then a “TRUE” is returned

outfile path encoding ascii

-noclobber = do not ovewrite the file

-width = specifies the width of the file e.g. 1000 meaning 1000 characters long


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