Monitoring the Integrity of Files

In Large environments  you can monitor the integrity of files by checking the changes that occur to a file. For example if a file changes in size, its signature or its checksum it could be a normal event or it could be a red flag to a potential intrusion or anomaly

One tool that I am checking right now is called Zabbix. After studying how it works I will post some of the analysis

If you want to learn how Zabbix works you can check this page .

Important requirement:

Zabbix has two components, the server and the client

The Zabbix server works only on Linux and Unix machines.

The Zabbix agent works on both Linux /Unix AND windows machines

Zabbix provides a report that lists incidents and problem investigation, it contains a summary of the incident whoch lists the file, file location (path), the service asscoiated with the file and sets different priorities

You can download the install file from this site:






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