Setting UP Remote PC Access using XenApp/XenDesktop 7.9


Let’s say Mr Jones, the accountant for your company, works from home once a week and decides to access his work machine while at home.

You could have him using one of these good 3rd party applications out there such as GotoMyPC, Logmein, TeamViewer, Dameware,, RealVNC, WebEx, SecureLink, etc


If your company has XenApp or XenDesktop  (XA/XD) 7.x infrastructure that allows external connectivity from your home machine to your company applications. You could try the following:

Proposed Solution:

You can use a nice feature in XA/XD called Remote PC Access to access your work machine  from home


If you are the Citrix Administrator, and Mr Jones, the accountant would like to access his office machine at work from home, here are the steps for you to configure Remote PC Access on Mr Jones computer.

Assumptions: Mr Jones PC is  a domain joined Windows based PC.

  1. Install the Desktop VDA software on the physical workstation in Mr Jones’ office(as of September 1st 2016, the most current version of the VDA is 7.9)
  2. desktop VDA remote pc screenshot

Note: If the OS running on Mr Jones machine is a desktop OS such as Windows 7 , Windows 8 or Windows 10, download the Desktop OS VDA software from here.

Then, open Citrix Studio on the Delivery Controller (DDC), click on the Machine Catalog Node and select the option to create a Machine Catalog and follow the prompts

remote pc screenshot



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