Receiver Android Logs


When it comes to Citrix  Receiver Android logs, the collection of the logs per say, may not  provide any insights or  conclusive evidence of a connection issue between an Android device and a Store Front Server or Netscaler appliance. Sometimes you may need these logs too:

  • StoreFront debug view traces
  •  CDF (an event tracing controller/consumer utility from Citrix) from all the DDCs
  •  CDF from the application server (Citrix Scout can be used on the DDC and on the Server VDA or Desktop VDI in lieu of the CDF Trace (Scout has the CDF utility built-in)
  • Receiver Logs


Android Connection Issues to Store Front

This is a related article for Android devices not being able to add first store in Store Front

when connecting to Store Front using TLS 1.2 protocol. If you are using TLS 1.2 in your Store Front Server you can try (pasted here for convenience):


If your StoreFront Server is using TLS 1.2, you can force Receiver for Android to use the same TLS protocol as the StoreFront Server using the following workaround:

Create a text file named receiverconfig.txt with the following content:


Place the text file in the /sdcard/ directory on the device.

Stop Receiver for Android via the App Manager. (On Android 4.4.2, go to Settings > Application Manager > Receiver > Force Stop.)

Relaunch Receiver and add the account again.

More details about this procedure and the possible values for SslSdkProtocolNumber can be found in the Citrix Receiver for Android 3.8 OEM Reference Guide

Here’s an example that shows how to generate messages in thread output format using LogCat with thread format:  adb logcat v thread

Other Documents related to the topic

Citrix Docs

LogCat – Android Studio (Developer site)

adb logcat -v thread Controlling Log Output Format


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