Notes of a App Layering presentation

The user layer is married to the OS layers

It is a stack of image templates.

When you publish it all you get is a single VHD image

The elastic layer doesn’t show up until user logs on

We only track the ID of the OS layer

Elastic Layer will work on Windows 7 build 1507 and Windows 7 build 1603

Layers  have an intrinsic priority

The Elastic Layer assigned app has a unique priority based on the the P# or PAckahe ID #

App layer is above  NTFS level

PVS is below NTFS level

CLI command: FLTMC will list the the filter drivers:

  • FSDepends
  • UPMjit (UPM driver)
  • Unitfltr

Version 12.1.6 – It is the most recent version of Symantec EP tested. Version 14 has not been tested

VHD is read in the context of the user

It has Elastic layer but no user layer

Once our filter driver is in we add a 2nd partition

The user writable partition is 10 gb

Unidesk has some internal tools but we also need to know what kind of ammunition our clients have meaning what tools that are available to them


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